Create Real Magic: The Coca-Cola Way

coca-cola masterpiece - create real magic
Illustration by Coca-Cola Company

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

What is Create Real Magic?

Create Real Magic is an AI platform that allows digital artists to create unique works of art using recognizable elements from Coca-Cola's archives.

Coca-Cola, OpenAI, and Bain & Company developed the platform.

What does Create Real Magic do?

Create Real Magic uses the power of AI to combine two different technologies: GPT-4 and DALL-E. GPT-4 is a large language model (LLM) that can generate text that resembles human speech. DALL-E is an image generator that can create images based on text descriptions.

When users create a piece of art on Create Real Magic, they first enter a text description of their desired artwork. The platform then uses GPT-4 to generate a creative text prompt. DALL-E then uses this prompt to create an image based on the user's description.

Ads created using the tool

Coca-Cola has used Create Real Magic to create several ads. One ad features a group of people dancing in a field of flowers. Another ad features a young woman walking through a city at night. Each ad is unique and creative, using Coca-Cola's iconic branding.

Who is involved in building the tool?

Create Real Magic was developed by a team of engineers and designers from Coca-Cola, OpenAI, and Bain & Company. The team worked together to create a platform that would be easy to use for artists of all skill levels.

Here's an ad built by Coca-Cola using MidJourney AI, Runway ML, and Stable Diffusion engines.

Coca-Cola Masterpiece

Why would Coca-Cola enter the AI space?

Coca-Cola is entering the AI space because it believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way it markets its products. Create Real Magic is just one example of how Coca-Cola uses AI to create more engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

Is the tool for marketing?

Create Real Magic can be used for marketing, but it is not limited to marketing. The platform can also be used by artists, designers, and other creative professionals to create new and innovative works of art.

In addition to creating ads, Create Real Magic can also be used to create:

  • Social media posts
  • Product packaging
  • Website designs
  • Illustrations
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures

History of Real Magic Brand Platform

Coca-Cola created the Real Magic platform in the Fall of 2021, including a refreshed visual identity.

The "Real Magic" initiative is a transformative design direction for the iconic Coca-Cola range. At the heart of this rebranding is a revitalized take on the Coca-Cola emblem—aptly named the "Hug" logo. This design was the brainchild of Wieden+Kennedy London.

Coca-Cola collaborated with KnownUnknown, a global consortium of standout independent creators who masterfully shaped the visual identity, encompassing all imagery, animations, and artistic illustrations.

I don't endorse sodas or carbonated beverages, but the AI tool is too fantastic not to write about.