The Ballad of the Sun and Earth

The Ballad of the Sun and Earth

In the cosmic dance of sky and stone,
Two souls were twined, yet each alone.
First, the Sun, a fiery king,
A radiant orb, who'd ceaseless sing.

And next, the Earth, a maiden fair,
With flowing rivers as her hair.
Mountains high and oceans deep,
In her embrace, her creatures sleep.

The Sun Speaks:

"Oh Earth, you turn your face to me,
Yet never still enough to see.
I cast my light, your days to start,
But cannot reach your hidden heart."

The Earth Replies:

"Dear Sun, your rays give life and mirth,
Yet too much love could scorch my girth.
I twirl away to rest and heal,
In balanced dance, we find the real."

The Sun, ablaze with lonesome pride,
Sent beams of heat both far and wide.
He touched the moons and kissed the stars,
Yet none could heal his lonely scars.

The Earth, adorned in shades of blue,
Felt gratitude for skies anew.
Each dawn and dusk, a fleeting kiss,
A tender moment not to miss.

The Sun Ponders:

"I wonder, Earth, what lies below
Your veiled gaze, I wish to know.
Your silent woods, your roaring seas,
Speak, my love, unlock these keys."

The Earth Responds:

"Ah Sun, your longing beams they trace
The outer lines of my shy face.
But deep within, my molten core
Needs more than heat, it asks for more."

And so they danced, a cosmic reel,
Bound not by touch, yet love was real.
Through Solar flares and Northern lights,
Through quiet days and peaceful nights.

Though years may pass and stars may die,
Their love endures, and here’s the why:
Sun gives Earth light, Earth gives Sun view,
In balanced grace, they both renew.

The lesson here’s not hard to see,
In give and take lies harmony.
For even stars with endless might,
Need quiet Earths to make things right.

And Earths, no matter rich or grand,
Seek warming Suns to hold their hand.
In cosmic dance or human glance,
We find the beauty of life’s dance.