What's the best email client for Mac & iOS? Newton Mail vs. Polymail vs. Mailspring

newton mail vs polymail vs mailspring
Newton or Polymail? Wait - what about Mailspring?

If you're here, you probably use an email client and look for options beyond Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

I have used email clients on Mac & Windows for a couple of decades, and here's my take on the best email client for Apple Mac and iOS platforms. I will keep this article focussed on the pros & cons of Newton Mail, Polymail, and Mailspring and not go into the 'what is an email client or why use one.'

Newton Mail

What I love about Newton Mail / Pros:

+ Works on both desktop & mobile
+ Offers a separate mobile calendar app
+ Solid email open tracking & link click tracking
+ Email track also features the device type (computer, mobile) and location information (city)
+ Removes tracking pixels (for most trackers) w/o having to block all remote images
+ Cheaper at USD 50 per year (they offer a 20% off coupon for the 1st year on this price)
+ Snooze an email to the desktop app from the mobile app
+ Newton mobile app supports Apple iOS’s Dynamic Type feature (allows the user to make the text size bigger or smaller in the interface)

Issues I faced with Newton Mail:

- The desktop app is finicky and zooms in/out on its own
- Cluttered UI
- The Grammarly Desktop app doesn’t work with the Newton macOS app
- The Newton apps are not authorized for Google Advanced Protection accounts


What I love about Mailspring / Pros:

+ Beautiful macOS app - very good UI, templates, font size, etc.
+ Gmail folders/labels are always visible
+ Templates are powerful
+ Signature control is lovely
+ Superior font control
+ An exemplary implementation of send now & undo send
+ Easy to use ‘auto-remind if no one replies’ feature
+ Mailspring macOS app works with the Grammarly Desktop app
+ Powerful Gmail-like search

Issues I faced with Mailspring:

- Expensive at USD 8 per month
- No mobile app for iOS; desktop-only ecosystem
- No built-in calendaring
- Uses SMTP auth - doesn’t work with Microsoft 365 accounts unless SMTP auth is enabled
- Weaker Mailspring account protection, no 2FA (a HUGE issue)
- The Mailspring app is not authorized for Google Advanced Protection accounts


What I love about Polymail / Pros:

+ Superior desktop+mobile app combo
+ Superior pixel blocking without the need to block all remote images (best of the lot)
+ Activity feed for tracking clicks/reads across all accounts (very useful)
+ 2FA protection available for the Polymail account
+ Polymail integrates with Grammarly Desktop
+ UI: Gmail folders/labels are visible and not tucked away
+ Fast customer support on the Premium plan (response time is US working hours)
+ Customer support is available on the Basic plan (response time is a day or two)
+ Sequences support in the Premium plan — the only app in the trio that offers this
+ Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 accounts; no SMTP auth needed; uses Microsoft Graph APIs
+ Best-in-class implementation of automatically reminding the user that an email wasn’t responded to after a few days (the number of days after which the reminder auto triggers is customizable)

Issues with Polymail / Cons:

- Expensive at USD 120 per year for up to two connected email accounts in the Basic plan; the Premium plan, which includes Sequences and up to 20 connected accounts, comes at an eye-watering USD 288 per year
- Sometimes, the app goes into sync mode and slows down
- Have to clear the app cache once a month or two, in my experience, as the sync breaks
- Font control and signatures are iffy (to date, I don’t know what the ‘default’ font size is - it’s neither 9 nor 10 nor 11)
- Send now or Later could be better (Mailspring’s implementation is the best in the category)
- Gmail folders/label two-way sync doesn’t always work
- Emptying Trash and Spam emails is not intuitive
- Combines all labels/folders from multiple accounts into one list (should host an option to combine or show them in categories)
- Polymail apps are not authorized for Google Advanced Protection accounts
- Polymail iOS mobile app does not work with the Dynamic Type feature of iOS (can’t make the email text bigger or smaller in the mobile app)

best email app for ios and mac
So, which is the best email client for Mac and iOS?


Here is how I rate the email client apps after using them for extended durations:

Best email client (desktop + mobile apps), money no bar =
Best email client (desktop + mobile apps), most value for money =
Newton Mail
Best email client for a superior desktop experience =
Best email client with responsive Customer Support =