What are some use cases of ChatGPT in the legal industry?

chatgpt and legal use cases
How can ChatGPT / Generative AI help the legal fraternity?
Please note that the total labor cost savings per year are rough estimations and can vary based on factors such as adoption rates, advancements in AI technology, and legal industry growth.

Use Case

Brief Description

Jobs Affected

Expected Process Improvement


Total Labor Cost Savings per Year (Projected) in USD

1. Legal Research

AI analyzes legal documents, cases, and statutes to find relevant information faster.

Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Researchers


ChatGPT summarizes relevant cases for a specific legal issue

$3-5 billion

2. Contract Review & Analysis

AI reviews contracts to identify key clauses, potential risks, and negotiation opportunities.

Contract Lawyers, Paralegals


ChatGPT highlights non-standard clauses and suggests alternative wording

$4-6 billion

3. Document Drafting

AI automates the drafting of legal documents, such as contracts, wills, and agreements.

Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Secretaries


ChatGPT generates a customized non-disclosure agreement

$2-4 billion

4. Legal Chatbots

AI provides basic legal information, answers FAQs, and directs users to appropriate legal services.

Customer Service Representatives, Receptionists


ChatGPT chatbot helps users understand tenant-landlord dispute rights

$1-2 billion

5. E-Discovery

AI analyzes electronic data to identify relevant documents and information for legal cases.

E-Discovery Professionals, Paralegals


ChatGPT identifies and organizes relevant emails in a corporate fraud investigation

$5-7 billion

6. Intellectual Property Analysis

AI analyzes patent databases to identify infringements, evaluate novelty, and assist in patent drafting.

IP Lawyers, Patent Agents, Patent Examiners


ChatGPT generates a preliminary patentability analysis for a new invention

$2-3 billion

7. Legal Analytics

AI analyzes past cases to provide insights on outcomes, trends, and judicial behavior for strategizing.

Lawyers, Legal Analysts, Law Firms


ChatGPT predicts the likelihood of success for a specific case based on historical data and factors

$1-2 billion

8. Compliance Monitoring

AI monitors and analyzes regulatory changes to help organizations stay compliant.

Compliance Officers, Regulatory Specialists


ChatGPT alerts a company to a new data privacy regulation and provides guidance

$2-3 billion

9. Online Dispute Resolution

AI assists in resolving disputes by facilitating online negotiation, mediation, or arbitration processes.

Mediators, Arbitrators, ODR Professionals


ChatGPT acts as an impartial mediator in an online platform for a contract dispute

$1-2 billion

Territories expected to benefit the most: The US, Canada, the UK, and the EU.

The list is not 100% comprehensive. As the potential use cases & applications of Generative AI evolve, so will this list.

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